Lawsuit filed claiming botched Clayton County circumcision

By Rhonda Cook | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | 9/30/2014

A Clayton County mother is suing a clinic and a nurse midwife claiming they botched the circumcision of her newborn, allegedly scarring him to the extent that he cannot normally urinate and most likely will be unable to have sex once he is an adult.

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Lawsuit filed in crash that killed 4 high schoolers 2 years ago

By WKYC | WKYC | 6/3/2014

Three families are filing a lawsuit two years after a graduation-day crash killed four Brunswick High School students. The Chronicle-Telegram reports the wrongful-death lawsuit is against CSX Corporation, Columbia and Liverpool township trustees and the commissioners and engineers of Lorain and Medina Counties.

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Firm hired to defend Cleveland in lawsuit

By AP | | 3/5/2014

The city of Cleveland has hired a private law firm to handle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the estates of two people killed in a 2012 police chase.

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CenterPoint settles lawsuit with family of 2 burned children, begins inspection of guy wires

By Carol Christian | Houston Chronicle | 2/8/2014

Christopher and Sarah Zarsky sued CenterPoint Energy and CenterPoint Energy Houston in the 164th State District Court after two of their three children were burned last year when a guy wire that had come loose from its anchor in the ground contacted energized components of a CenterPoint power line, according to court documents.

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Bronx grandmother wins $16 million in lawsuit against MTA for subway slip

By Dareh Gregorian | Daily News | 2/4/2014

Maria Alcantara, 69, who won the whopping sum last week, is brain-damaged after the trip and fall down a flight of stairs at the Graham Ave. L subway station in December 2008. The once-active grandmother is barely able to communicate and needs around-the-clock care from loved ones.

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